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Why Us for Your Radon Test? 

Peace of Mind

You could be living in an unhealthy house. Know your home radon level!


Your home. Your schedule. We test when it's most convenient for you.


Professional radon test. Written report. Second test if needed based on results.


Certified technicians.  Pro-grade monitors. Rigorous quality assurance program.

Radon Testing You Can Count On!

You won't find our high level testing expertise anywhere else!

You pick a time that works for you. A certified technician places a small electronic detector in your home - usually in the basement. The device continuously measures and records radon gas level.

Two days later our technician picks up the detector and within an hour you get a customized email report. Your technician is available for a conference call to review the results.

Two days later our technician picks up the detector. Within an hour you get an email with a customized report attached. Your technician is available for a conference call to review the results.

And we don’t stop there. Based on the results we give you an extended radon test kit. The small, unobtrusive canister measures radon during a six-month period. 

 Why the extended test kit? Radon levels vary seasonally. The extended test gives you a more accurate reading of the long-term level in your house. We call this our "belt and suspenders" radon testing method. After all we don’t take short cuts when it comes to your health.

An outstanding value for $200

Minnesota's Invisible Health Risk

In Minnesota, 2 in 5 homes that have been tested have radon levels that pose a major health risk. Colorless and odorless, radon is a radioactive gas that naturally comes from the soil. 

Radon gives off radioactive particles that  can damage the lungs.

High radon levels in Minnesota comes from our unique geology and cold climate. Radon can enter any building—homes, offices, and schools—and result in a high indoor radon level. 

During the winter, home heating systems tend to draw in radon gas from the soil, increasing radon levels inside the home. Many Minnesotans also use basements as living spaces, which can increase radon exposure.

Test Your Home for Radon!

Your home can have high radon levels whether it’s old or new, sealed or drafty, and with or without a basement.

All houses have some radon, but even the house next door can have very different radon levels. The only way to measure your radon risk is to test your home. If you do have high radon levels in your home, there are ways to reduce it.

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612 - 808 - 8707

We signed up for the Gainspire professional radon test because we have a new baby. We didn’t know what to expect. But it turned out that the entire experience was great - from the email 3 days prior the test to the knowledgeable, sport jacket wearing on time expert who in 2 days gave us a clear written report. We are simply delighted.

Roger & Susan A                   

or CALL US to schedule a test:

612 - 808 - 8707